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Yes! Attending Reunion
Residing In México, Federal District Mexico
Spouse/Partner Cristina
Occupation Retired
Children Cory Child, born 1970
Dea Mohammed, born 1973
Zahrah Mohammed, born 1964

After leaving high school, I studied at the U of U 1 year.

My first mission call was to Uruguay however Elder Spencer Kimball phoned to go to his office to change it. Me explained that my doctor advised against country so far away and asked me if I would be OK with California. Obviously I was disappointed and asked me if I could go to Mexico City. He agreed and changed my call. I started the mission in October, 1967. I met many wonderful people in Mexico.

Upon finishing the mission I returned to the U of U . I was given a full scholarship/fellowship to study languages and literature. I received my received my first bachelor’s degree and received the second one while studying in Salamanca, España. I received my master’s degree and began my doctorate but the economy made it difficult to finish, so I began working at Mountain Bell in sales and personnel in Salt Lake.

In 1978 I was transferred in the sales force in El Paso, TX and in 1981 to Phoenix, AZ. I wanted to investigate the possibility of starting an import business in 1981. While I was there I looked up a family that I had met there. I began dating Cristina that I had always felt an attraction to her back in 1968. Needless to say we have been together since and we were married in Mexico City in 1989. We were married in 1990 and just celebrated our 25th anniversary. She is a wonderful person, wife and friend. We live in Mexico City.

It was a difficult task to get permission to work being a foreigner but finally managed to achieve it legally. I began a small software development company and also did Macintosh repairs and maintenance. I developed software for Volkswagen, Sabritas and many smaller companies.

In 2002 I was electrocuted on some high-tension wires but somehow survived. As a result, I began having health problems in 2012: heart attack, arrhythmia and serious stroke. Four close calls but I’m still here. My doctor recommends that I not travel so that is the reason I will not be attending the 50th reunion.

School Story

I was afraid to enter high school because I was so small; 4’9”/75 lbs. I was lucky to not being bullied and the first year I grew to 5’7”/143 lbs. Thanks to everyone treating a little guy well.

High school was normal until I was elected to cheerleader. What a fantastic group of friends. I hope the cheers brought cheer to all of you. I had a lot of good friends in Oly. My best friends since even before elementary school were Alan Webb and Paul Dangerfield who unfortunately are no longer with us. Later many new friends, besides the cheerleaders, came along and Steve Wilcox was one of them. One memorable experience was when all 8 cheerleaders jumped in to Dennis Astle’s (also deceased) Model A. We were driving down 39th South on our way to cheer at another school, we were going down the hill toward Highland Drive and Dennis’ brakes went out. Very exciting ride.

One of my discoveries in Oly was girls. I dated several girls the last 2 years because I wanted to get to know many of them. However, the girl that was the one that stood out and was the one that I dated more than others was Martha Sorensen. She was a lot of fun and a very proper young lady. I was hurt and disappointed when I heard that she was dating Terry Wilmhelmsen. I guess I was too slow. When I returned from the mission I learned that she had married. I saw here later in Sugarhouse and remembered some good memories. I hope she has had a fantastic life.

My years at Olympus were filled with fun, hard work and good friends. I appreciate all of you for the friendship and memorable experiences. I find myself thinking back on many of especially now that I see many of you in Facebook. I will not be able to go to the reunion but I will raise my glass to all go you.


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